Sandy McAlister

 Sandy McAlister began studying T’ai Chi Chih in 1983 and  became an accredited teacher in 1985.  In 2001, she was appointed a  teacher trainer making her one of only a select few international  teacher trainers of T’ai Chi Chih. Being a teacher trainer has enriched  her life by providing the opportunity to meet and work with so many  people with open hearts. For Sandy, exploring new ways to understand,  feel, and experience T’ai Chi Chih has kept the practice of T’ai Chi  Chih exciting and fresh.  To date, she has taught literally thousands of  accredited teachers and devoted students. Over the years, this has  inspired (and required!) her to find creative ways to impart the essence  of the practice to just about every learning style.
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Seated T’ai Chi Chih
Over the years, teachers have found there is a great need  for a modified version of T’ai Chi Chih for those unable to stand. The  Seated T’ai Chi Chih DVD produced by Sandy is a labor of love inspired  from the desire to bring T’ai Chi Chih to those who might otherwise not  be able to do the form standing.  Sandy’s many years as a teacher  trainer has served her well in the adaptation of the seated version.  When developing seated T’ai Chi Chih, the goal was to keep the form as  close as possible to T’ai Chi Chih practiced on one’s feet.  If  movements had to be modified significantly, it seemed best to leave them  out. The principles which applied to the standing form were also used  to guide the development of the seated form.

Part 1 of the DVD is instructional.  Part 2 is a full practice session. 
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About T'ai Chi Chih
T’ai Chi Chih is JOY thru movement. There is a sense of deep  serenity at the end of a practice.  The calming effect on the mind and  emotions, along with the release of tension throughout the body, is  something commonly experienced even from the very first class. 

"Whether one understands the reasons for such benefits or
not and whether or not one has faith, regular practice of             
T’ai Chi Chih should bring great rewards.  Just do it and let
your own experience convince you."
~ Justin Stone, Originator of T'ai Chi Chih
quote taken from the T’ai Chi Chih Photo Text

The 19 movements and one pose are  fairly simple but bring about profound benefits.  T’ai Chi Chih is not a  martial art and has no religious affiliation. With the seated  adaptation now defined and refined, T’ai Chi Chih can be practiced on  one’s feet or in a chair, or combination of both.
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