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  T'ai Chi Chih Classes taught by Sandy McAlister
Tuesday Mornings: Beginning and Continuing Classes
Rossmoor Community, Walnut Creek, CA
To register, call 510-582-2238.
Tuesday Evening: Beginning and Continuing Classes
Castro Valley - Hayward Recreation Dept., Hayward, CA
To register, call 510-881-7800.
Thursday Mornings:  All Levels Hayward Senior Center, Hayward, CA
To register, call 510-881-6766.

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 More About Sandy (continued from Home page)

            Sandy’s journey with T’ai Chi Chih began in 1983 looking for  a way to bring some peace into her life. A T’ai Chi Chih class was  offered through her local recreation department and she decided to give  it a try.  It was a completely new experience for her, never having  tried any type of movement class or meditative practice before. The  benefits of T’ai Chi Chih showed up right away for her. Regular T’ai Chi  Chih practice became an important and integral part of her life. After  studying with her teacher for two years, she was encouraged to take the  teacher training course led by Justin Stone, the originator of T’ai Chi  Chih. Becoming accredited to teach in 1985 opened doors of energy and  possibility for Sandy. She went back to school and received her degree  in Social Work with a focus on Gerontology.  Her days of working jobs  that did not serve her were over! Sandy found her professional element  in working hands-on with people, leading cognitive stimulation classes,  and gentle range-of-motion exercise classes for seniors, and teaching  T’ai Chi Chih to people of all ages.

            While working with a population that has balance issues and  are often in wheelchairs, Sandy began teaching T’ai Chi Chih from a  seated position.  As a T’ai Chi Chih teacher trainer since 2001, she has  had many opportunities to learn from and share ideas with other  teachers who also taught seated classes. The Seated T’ai Chi Chih DVD  produced by Sandy is a work of love formed from a desire to bring T’ai  Chi Chih to those who might otherwise not be able to do the form  standing.

            Leading T’ai Chi Chih teacher trainings and workshop across  the U.S., Canada, and Europe has provided Sandy with the opportunity to  travel which has brought great joy to her life.  One of the other  rewards has been witnessing the transformative effect as T’ai Chi Chih  changes lives.

T'ai Chi Chih's originator

 T'ai Chi Chih's originator, Justin Stone, speaking on Prajna at the 1992 T'ai Chi Chih Teacher Conference:

“… my advice is to trust your inherent, intuitive wisdom … whether you call it God, Prajna, your own true nature,
whatever, my advice is to know it and listen to it.  This means to come to know who and what you are.” 

 Excerpt from Climb the Joyous Mountain by Justin Stone:

“I have meditated in the Himalayas, in  Zen temples, in the desert, and on distant islands.  Best of all, for  me, have been periods spent in Absorption under the giant redwoods of  Northern California.  These are the oldest creatures on earth, and their  vibration is powerful for those who will open themselves.”